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Property Management

Since 1990 our Property Management Group has provided leasing services for single family homes, including town homes and condominiums. Our knowledge of the market helps you set your pricing for the best overall investment return. Our knowledge of tenancy laws, and our experience in properly applying them, helps owners avoid serious pitfalls.

We offer two levels of service:

Full Management service: At our expense we attract and screen potential tenants. We interview and financially assess only the most qualified, and you make the final decision. We handle the entire process through signing the lease, and continue throughout the lease to collect your monthly income and manage the ongoing monthly maintenance. On the rare occasions when it becomes necessary, we are skilled at facilitating eviction services.

Placement-Only service: As above, we take you through the tenant selection process, including lease signing and move-in inspection. We then turn the property back to you for income collection and maintenance management.

Century 21 Wright has two property management divisions. Contact us now to assist you with the successful management of your investment:

Michelle Gothier or Jason Coats
Phone: 951-294-2383
Email: or

Dick Zajicek or Patt Davis
Phone: 951-294-2328